Saturday, May 11, 2013

Free Marketing for Published EBooks

How to get Reviews for your book:

a)      Most of the books, needs good reviewer and reviews to start with. You also may need one.
b)      You can use as way to collect and present the reviews
c)       You can ask the reviewers and readers to publish reviews there
d)      First of all, create a login and enter your book details under “Add book” , because your book will not be available just like that. You have to make entry
e)      There are other sites, which are available, which can help to get reviews, but goodreads has many more visitors and its reviews reflect in also
f)       Create user group or encourage your readers to give  feedback in

Free Press release for your book: (

a)     Create a login in
b)    Select free press release and enter the content of the release and submit
c)     They take few hours to verify and submit
Youtube video:
a)      Make a Youtube video of the book  or your description of the book
b)      Make it publically available and don’t shy. This will help.

Create blogs:

a)      Have a blog created on your own for your book
b)      Explain the book and provide free samples
c)       Invite people for discussion

Search Engines:

a)      There are paid sites, which will help to give more links to your book selling site or to your website
b)      Take care when you name your book , that there is no similar name exist for other books, this may be a problem for you.
c)   You can also give us , your book link, w will validate and publish the link ( each such links, increases the search engine tracing)
d)   You can also let us know, that whether you want us to give complimentary copy to our readers.

As a complimentary to the visitors, you can download the following books free (Amazon 0.99$)

a)      Bhagavad Gita for Dummies  (Non Fiction)

b)      Read in 19 Minutes – The Mind  Traveler  ( Science Fiction Thriller) Coupon Code - PT56E (valid till – 20 may 13)

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