Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to Write and Publish Ebook - Completely Free

Writing style guide:
  •          Ensure that your Title are not more than font size 16 and your content is not more than 12
  • ·         Don’t use automated table of content from MS word, instead use bookmarks in each chapter heading, then develop table of content by selecting the bookmarks.
  • ·         Try to use “Times new roman” font as most of the sites accepts it.
  • ·         Don’t use colored fonts, as many sites will not accept it.
  • ·         Don’t use Tab hits, eliminate them.
  • ·         Don’t use Enter button more than three times.
  • ·         Don’t use images in your ebook, which will not be accepted by some sites. Unless its for explaining purpose.
  • ·         Don’t have cover as first page of your document, which can create difficulties in some sites
  • ·         Use Microsoft 2003 version .doc format for your file and don’t go for .docx

Content and Copyright violation check:
  • ·         Don’t have any content , which are copyrighted by others in your book
  • ·         Have adequate references when you have to use Quote or description of others in your book
  • ·         Images in your cover should not have any copyright violation, hence use simple images which you can download for free or you have taken on your own or use just fonts with background color
Cover Designer:
  • ·         Cover Designing is offered as free service to authors in and in
  • ·         Simple word of advice, just go to Microsoft word and insert cover page, then modify the way you want. Finally try to save as image, if not do Print screen and use paint to save as image. Then cut and take the portion you want as cover page. Try to make one .png file and one .jpg file
When you are ready with your content and Cover:
  • ·         Remove all Headers and Footers ( yes, you are reading rightly)
  • ·         Remove the page numbers , don’t leave them

          Selection of Publisher:

                We would recommend you, three different options on self publishing

Smashwords publishing:  (

a)      Create a log in first,  with all original details
b)      Select Publish and give  details of the “Title” , “Sub Title”
c)       Upload your book file, before uploading ensure that you enter the word “Smashword Edition” just below the title and after that your name can come as “Authored By”
d)      Upload the .doc file
e)      Ensure the cover image size is more than 1400 pixel (width) and select 1900 pixel. There are online free sites, which can easily do that resizing for your image. Takes less than minute.
f)       Upload the image file and submit.
g)      Select all the formats you want to convert the file (Pdf, Epub,txt,etc)
h)      Now you have to do decide that you want to sell the book for free or for a cost. We would recommend you to start your book as free version, as that will attract the reader and take a risk with the new authors. ( you can change this later)
i)        However give your bank account or PayPal free account ( –do in 15 min) details in your profile and complete.
j)        If you have the aspiration to sell your Ebook in Ibookstore (Apple), Barnes &Nobles (nook), kobo, diesel, page foundry and so many other sites, then you many need an ISBN number. Amazon program is not clear with smashwords, so  we would recommend to directly publish with Amazon.
k)      You can get the ISBN free in Smashwords itself, by clicking ISBN manager. If you take free one, than they are the publisher and you hold the copyright , however exclusive one they arrange for you, in that case its less than 10 $, but from your revenue, they will take  that money
l)        Once you got the ISBN number, your book is actually ready to submit for “Premium Catalog”.
m)    Smashwords automated correction software will immediately throw if any error. Don’t get worried about the long list, just copy and paste in a note pad and resolve one by one. If you have followed the instructions given here, then you may have very little correction or nil correction to make.
n)      Once the automated system accepts the book ,then you will see “Pending review”, which means, the manual review is pending.
o)      If you submitted on working day, early hours , you may get approval within that day, else wait for next working day.
p)      Once its approved in “Premium Catalog” , your book will distributed to all the major stores linked with smashwords online as per the schedule in a week. See the channel manager section in smashwords.
q)      Congratulations Author for your first publishing!

For LuLu publishing: (

a)      Create login
b)      Enter the book publish page and provide details
c)       LULU offers free ISBN, so that’s easy for you.
d)      Lulu’s marketing program is available for small charge, you can use it.
e)      Otherwise LuLu also sends the book to various channels. Its similar kind of process, so less explanation here.

Amazon KDP: (

a)      Create an Amazon Log in ID
b)      Enter in to
c)       Click Add new title and enter the details
d)      Upload the book file and cover image
e)      Select the countries you want to sell your book and give pricing
f)       We would recommend the new authors to go for 30% share and 0.99$ as price and give equivalent value for other countries.
g)      KDP select program if you choose than for stipulated time, you cant sell your book in any other stores, after that period you can. So decide.
h)      Give your bank account details and submit.
i)        Your book will be in review state, then publishing and after 12 hours, it will be Live.
j)        For Amazon, you don’t need ISBN, they will provide ASIN code, Ex: B00CPA4PK4

Google books:
a)      Go to
b)      Enter your gmail id and password
c)       Go to manage books and select “Add book”
d)      Provide book details and ISBN details and upload the book
e)      You need to use your IBSN number as file name and have PDF format
f)       You can have ISBN number_Frontcover.jpg as your book cover image
g)      Upload it and you can see a message for uploading
h)      After 12 hours or so, your book will be live
i)        Before that set up your bank details and territories ( give “All”) and if you have a site then give it under “Buy Link”

As a complimentary to the visitors, you can download the following books free (Amazon 0.99$)

a)      Bhagavad Gita for Dummies  (Non Fiction)

b)      Read in 19 Minutes – The Mind  Traveler  ( Science Fiction Thriller) Coupon Code - PT56E (valid till – 20 may 13)

Indian Authors Books Publishing Free (

a) The simpler way to publish your book is
b) Create login in their site
c) Go to "Publish Books" tab and select submit your book
d) Give the details and your account details and fix pricing
e) Ebook minimum price should be 50 rs or you have to make it free and there is no upper limit
f) On review , within 2 days they accept and publish in their site
g) I am not sure for Ebook they are providing any extended distribution in flipkart, infibeam ,etc
h) For Print on demand, the service is available. The print on demand will cost 1500 rs ( 30$) initial set up and Yearly annual fee 1000 rs ( not for first year). 
i) They provide you estimate page, where you can calculate your book pricing and profit
j) They also have information on how to collect free ISBN in india - not online , you need to use post and wait for minimum 1 to 2 month.

Visit a blog for sample : (you may need a blog like this in future)

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